Monday, August 27, 2012

No tears= successful first days!

Ryan started Pre-K last week.  She is at Washington Irving or "the big kid school" as we have been calling it.  She goes every afternoon and absolutely loves everything about it.  After I picked her up the first day she screamed "That was the BEST day ever!!!" We are so happy that she is loving school and hope we can keep this attitude going as long as possible. :)
 Pre-K....Can't believe she is already in elementary school

 She was so excited to find out her friend Olivia is in her class this year (She has been in her class the last 2 years at First Presbyterian)

 This was when Drew figured out that we were leaving Sissy at school....he wouldn't let go of her shirt or look at me.
Reading the "Kissing Hand" before the parents left. Ryan had informed me she was fine and I could leave 10 minutes earlier

Drew started Children's Day out at First Presbyterian Church last Thursday.  He is going on Tuesdays and Thursdays and has the same teacher Ryan had 2 years ago.  He wasn't very excited about going to school "without mommy".  He had been telling me for a while that he was going to cry because he would miss me.  So of course I was totally dreading dropping him off and having the kicking and screaming child on the first day. But luckily Ms. Brandi is amazing so I knew he would be fine.  On the way he announced that he didn't need anyone to walk him in because he knew where Ms. Brandi's class was.  We were totally shocked and walked behind him as he walked in all by himself, didn't cry or even look sad, gave us hugs and told us bye!  When I picked him up he said he had fun painting and playing on the playground with his friends.  It went so much smoother than I ever expected!!

 First day of CDO...with Blue of course
 Ryan was pretty excited to drop him off

Heading to his class all by himself

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