Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

Here are some quick pictures from the week.  We have been busy baking cinnamon rolls, packing for California and cleaning the house so we can host Christmas for 20 people.  We also have enjoyed the nice weather we have been having!

Ryan at her school Christmas party

 watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Reading to Hank

About to destroy the tree

walking to the park

modeling her Christmas dress (she did this pose on her own)

Done! Took us 2 days to make all of the cinnamon rolls!

 Ry and DeDe working hard on Cinnamon Rolls

With their Elf on a Shelf - Kaley
  Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catch up

This is a catch-up post because I have lots of pictures and some videos from the weekend.  We enjoyed the weekend at home before the crazy holiday stuff begins for us. 

 Watching the OU game

Doing a little grocery shopping

We made a gingerbread train (It was a lot harder then it looked like on the box)
 Darin working hard to get it go stay together

 Ryan pretending that she doesn't have a mouthful of candy

 The finished product!

Ryan has insisted on listening to Christmas music during the day.  She also likes to have "dance parties" and has recently started making Drew participate.  Its pretty cute because he loves the attention from her! The next video is of Ryan singing "I wanna be a rockin roll star."  She is dancing so hard that she doesn't notice Drew walking up behind her and she knocks him over.

We had the kids 3yr and 1yr doctor's appointments yesterday.  Ryan started crying the second I told her she had to go to the Dr.  I have no idea why but she was absolutely terrified of going to the Dr even though she knew she didn't have to get any shots.  Luckily Darin was able to meet us there to help out.  Ryan screamed at the top of her lungs the whole time they looked at her so Darin had to hold her down.  As soon as she was done and it was Drew's turn she was back to her happy, chatty self. 

Ryan finally grew this year!  She weighs 27.5 pounds and is 36.5 inches tall.  She moved up on the chart in both, she is 10th percentile in weight and 25th for height. She was 5th and 10th percentiles last year.

Drew has slimmed up quite a bit since he has been walking.  He weighed 20.12 and is 30in.  He is 52nd percentile in height and 20th in weight.  At his 6 month appt. he was 70% in both. 

Here are a couple of the pictures that Kristi Morton from Twice Blessed Photography took a couple of weeks ago.

Drew 1 year picture

Ryan 3 year picture