Monday, April 30, 2012

OKC Memorial Marathon Weekend

The OKC Memorial Marathon was this weekend so Stu and Cat were in town to run.  As always we had fun hanging out with them for the short time they were here. The kids and I woke up early on Sunday so we could go watch and cheer on Stu, Cat and Darin on at the finish. Pics from the weekend.....

 Cat also got to go to Ryan's soccer game on Saturday....Ry was SO excited!

 Watching for Daddy!

 Sitting with Adrien waiting for Daddy and Chad to finish

 It started sprinkling but Ry was prepared with her hat and umbrella

The only pic I got of Darin running....The rain picked up as he was finishing so I was messing with the kids.  He ran great and finished really strong!

 Darin after his half marathon

 My studly little brother and sister in law finishing the marathon!

 Cat finished 2nd overall and Stu ran with her the whole way
 Stu at the finish - he barely trained because he is doing his residency and he flew in the night before the race to run with Cat!
 Such a Stud! We are so proud of her!

 Ry and Cat walking after the race

Ry loved gettting to see Stu and Cat

 Hot tubbing with Daddy after the race

Monday, April 16, 2012

New hair and school picture

 Ryan before and after her haircut

Drew before and after his haircut

Ryan's Preschool spring pictures

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter pictures

 Ready to dig into their baskets

 She loves her Drew Man

My babies :)
 They love Daddy

 Ryan on the hunt

 Drew looking hard

 Amazing the smiles I get when I bribe them with candy!
 Easter egg hunt with Poppy

 Ryan and C

Easter dinner with the fam 
(We missed Stu, Maddie, Blake and Mia!!)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Enjoying the HOT springtime weather

It has been crazy hot the last couple of weeks which has been awesome! We have been spending lots of time having picnics, playing outside, eating popsicles, and playing in the water. The kids both started Gymnastics last week at Oklahoma Gold.  Ryan is in the big kid class with her friend Mary Caroline and loved it!  Drew is in the mommy and me class and I think he is going to love it.  He started off a little nervous but towards the end was jumping into the pit, climbing up the ropes and doing the zip line like a pro.

Before their first day of Gymnastics

Ryan, Addy and Drew holding hands in the car

Popsicles with Stella and Tess

Ryan and Addy playing in the backyard

Sliding into the baby pool....I think it's time to get a bigger baby pool for the backyard
Drew and Hank watching TV in the morning

Sweet picture that our babysitter Sara sent me of Ryan holding Drew

Ryan sporting her Thunder Flag on the mini cooper

Spring Break

 I spent the first part of the week trying to entertain the kids inside because it rained A LOT!!
Making green pancakes for St Pattys Day

  Popcorn and movies
Ryan doing her Kevin impersonation.  We are on a Home Alone kick right now
  Playing Ipads
 Drew colored his armpits and arms blue...yes he is wearing an OU dress...I am learning to pick my battles with my fit throwing 2 year old
 Drew put on pink, sparkly, really GREASY lip gloss all over his face, arms and shirt

 Play- Doh

Making beaded bracelets and necklaces

The end of the week was hot and sunny up so we spent the rest of the break outside.  The kids spent the night with Mammy and Mike for a night, we had friends over and grilled out, went swimming and went to a couple of Thunder games.

 Swimming at the Wohls
      Ryan and Tripp swimming