Monday, July 23, 2012


This summer has been filled with lots of fun trips for us! Last week the kids and I (Darin had to stay home and work bc we leave for London in 5 days) went to Taos.  My Mom and Mike rented a place for all of us to stay in.  They were also awesome and babysat a ton so I could go whitewater rafting and hiking.  We all had a blast hanging in the mountains and enjoying the cooler temps.  Thanks Mom and Mike for spoiling us and thanks to the best aunts and uncles for helping entertain my kids all week!!

 The kids were so excited to see DeDe, BoBo, Stu and Cat!!

 Heading to dinner....yes we are REALLY into posing right now

 Our view from the patio of our house

 Whitewater rafting
 Our hike up Wheeler Peak....15 miles hike....the highest point in New Mexico....amazing......and REALLY HARD!!!

 The kids got to hang out at this awesome play place while we hiked. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lots of pictures!

I am really behind on my blogging because we have been out of town so much so I am just going to do a quick picture post....

 We made a quick trip to Kansas City for the weekend

 At dinner with Uncle "Duck" and Christopher

 Drew cheesing with Grandma and Grandpa

 Drew ate his whole dinner with chopsticks

Did a little bowling in KC

Here is a video of Drew bowling...with a little fall

 Fun morning at Bouncin Craze and Chick-Fil-A with Noah and Gavin

Swimming with Mary Caroline

 Ryan got to go to a workout camp at Crossfit OKC.  My friend Ginny put it together and told us about it.  Ryan had an absolute blast!! She also got her own protein shaker for protein shakes...she was really pumped about this! It was a proud moment for Darin and I when we had to wake her up in the morning and she would jump out of bed and yell "is it time to workout!!"  Maybe we do have an athlete after all :)

Here is a video of Ryan doing box jumps

A video of the kids holding hands and jumping in the pool

And one of Drew jumping off and Ryan cheering him on

 Playing with Tripp

 We took Tripp swimming with us...All 3 kids had a blast

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July Fun

We had a great 4th of July watching the parade, swimming, eating and watching fieworks!

 Our neighborhood does fireworks every year the weekend before the 4th.  We sat in the front yard and had a trial run at staying up really late and making sure that nobody was scared this year.  Luckily both kids did great staying up and loved every second of the fireworks!

 Looking at the stars waiting for the fireworks to start

 At the downtown Edmond parade

 Waving to everyone

 Drew enjoying the parade and me sweating

 Swimming at Poppy and C's all afternoon
 Drew's idea of laying out...

 They had to get a little fishing in before the fireworks

 Loved getting to eat an Eileens cookie at 10PM!

 The kids were so excited to get to love on "their Tripp"

 Drew was having a hard time keeping his eyes open with the bright flash :)

 Watching fireworks with Kenneth

 Getting the sleepy sillys from his long day...
An attempt at a family picture...clearly Ryan also had a hard time with the bright flash

Golfing with Daddy

A couple of weeks ago Darin took the kids golfing one evening when I had a girls night with friends.  He got them burgers at the clubhouse and let them play around putting and driving the cart.  They absolutely loved it and have begged him to take them back ever since! So last week he took them each on a special one on one golf date.  They had so much fun!!

 First time golfing

 Ry on her Daddy/Daughter date

 Drew/Daddy date golfing night

 Having so much fun

 I love this picture :)