Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Drew is 3!

Drew turned 3 on Friday.  He got to celebrate with his friends at school before T-giving break and then with the family on his actual birthday and then had a party on Sunday.  Today when I was taking him to school he asked if he could have his birthday again at school.  He was a little disappointed when I told him it was over and he had to wait until next year. 

 Birthday blueberry muffins that he requested

 Dinner at Musashi's

Bear hugging Aunt DeDe

We had Dustin from Kickingbird pets come and do a presentation with animals at the party.  He did an awesome job making it educational but also really fun for the kids. 

 Eating pizza at his party

 Snake cupcakes

Yummy snake cupcakes

Ready for the presentation

Touching the lizard
The boys listening to Dustin

 Stella and Tess touching one of the snakes

 Tess and Cooper loving on the bunny

Drew and Ryan holding the big snake


 Uncle BoBo and Aunt Mia 

 Noah and Stella holding the snake

Claire with the bunny

Drew checking out the pinky rat

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had Thanksgiving over at my Dad and Candy's house this year.  Food was great and everyone was in town so it was really fun!  I had/have a really bad cough and wasn't feeling great and ended up having to go to the Dr the next morning so I wasn't on my A game with pictures.  But I did end up taking a few on my phone.....

Saturday we went to the Bedlam game with The Borens.....awesome game and we had a great time!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ryan pics

And here are some Ryan pictures from the last couple of weeks.....

I took Ryan to Dallas with our friends Katy and Stella for a girls weekend to go to the American Girl Doll store.  Despite Ryan having the worst behavior EVER she had a great time.

 Loved watching the ice skaters at the Galleria

 Holly and Sarah at the Salon
 All done!

 At lunch

 We went to Albuquerque and got to meet baby Camden (our friends Adrien and Chad's baby)
Watching Roxy and Stu win the Doggie Dash run in ABQ

Fun in ABQ

 I turned around when we were in the car to see Ryan and Noah holding hands :)
 Ryan and Olivia having a picnic before school one day
Ryan reading Drew his bedtime story

Drewman-IPhone pics

Here are some random pictures from my IPhone of Drew from the last couple of weeks.....

Ryan dressed him up.....as you can see he loved every second of it!

The outfit was followed up by this performance

 Darin and Drew at the OU game

 Excited for the Thunder game

 He loved playing the games in the awesome new kid area

 Sporting his new sweatbands
Running to the car

Still wearing the sweatband the next morning at breakfast

He turns 3 on Friday and is starting to look so old!

But still my sweet little boy who is passed out at school almost every time I pick him up