Friday, September 28, 2012

Iphone post

I am behind on blogging so here is a quick, random IPhone picture post....

 Ry started soccer again...With her best bud (or husband as she calls him) Noah

 Drew thinks he is playing and demanded that he wear cleats and a jersey to the game

 Saying prayers before bed

 The weather is cooling off so they have been eating outside a lot

 Walking home from school with friends
Bike riding

  Heading to school

  Cool kids
 Snuggling before bed

Playdate with Noah

 We were in Mexico on my birthday so we celebrated with family when we got back
 Coffee date at Starbucks

 Eileen's cookie
 Sweet fireman
 Not sure where they learn to pose
Grocery shopping

 School everyday wears her out!

 3D movie date with daddy

Sushi night

  Drew's imaginary friend August had a birthday...He wanted pizza and Drew sang to him

Having yogurt with August

Friday, September 21, 2012


We just got back from our annual Edmond Chamber Mexico trip. We went to the Excellence in Playa.  Everything about the place was awesome...the service, the food, the drinks, the rooms and the beach.   It was nice for us to be able to hang at the beach and relax all day since London was far from relaxing. Here are some pictures from the trip....

  With the Wohls

 My birthday Dinner

 With momma Jennifer
 Darin and Raybo

 With some of the girls after dinner

With Janay DeLoach, the bronze medalist in the long jump. She was on her honeymoon and Darin spotted her.  She was so nice!

 Afternoon at the pool

   With the Popes
 Walking on the beach
Getting ready to go Kayaking

 Our honeymooning friends from South Carolina

Darin bartending as usual

The kids stayed with Mammy and Mike and had a great time swimming, going to the Bounce place, going to Disney on Ice and Ryan got to play with her BFF Mary Caroline who recently moved to Tulsa. 
Heading to Tulsa

 Disney on Ice