Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tough Mudder and Glow Run

We did our third Tough Mudder with friends in Mesa, AZ.  This time we decided to stay a couple of days later to relax and enjoy the Boulders.  The whole trip was blast....even the 12 miles of running through mud and doing 21 obstacles. 

Checking into the Boulders in our Mudder headbands

Cleaned up and heading to dinner

Doing some hiking

Our view at the pool

We got competitive and had to race....it was a tie :)

$400 later it was a great day by the pool

Then the next weekend we did a Glow Run with Lindsey and Dustin....a little more low key at only a 5K but still had a great time!

2 month catch up!

You know you haven't blogged in forever when you have to look up your password to even sign in.  We have been busy and I will try to do a quick picture update of the kids.....
Drew's new thing is he likes to choose what he wears.  I have learned to pick my battles and he is a happy little guy.  Yes we do embarrass Ryan daily when we come pick her up from school in the outfit Drew chose. 

They are going through a best friend stage.  They love each other and it has made my life a lot easier!

Maybe it's because he has finally given in and will do just about whatever she asks him to do....

Besides being Drew's other mom Ryan has been busy too....
She learned about the planets at school and then came home and named off more facts than I knew about every single planet.

She borrowed a book from a friend....took it in her room and came out 10 minutes later and can now tie her shoes by herself

She had a blast at the daddy/daughter dance at Quail Creek

She got to be Aunt Cat's helper at her shower and loved all of the attention

"Homework station" that Ryan makes them do in the afternoons