Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

Here is my Christmas post with tons of pictures.....

 Dinner at Republic Friday when Stu and Cat got in town

Keeping Drew entertained

Christmas Eve at Papi and C's house
 Drew and Ryan and Guster
 Playing blocks with Uncle Stu
Uncle BoBo wearing them our for us

The whole Kent/Lisle/Kerr/Schmidt Crew!

 Waiting patiently to open presents

Snacking with Daddy

Christmas morning at our house
 Seeing what Santa left them

 Stu and Cat

 Ryan with her Rapunzel doll and dress she asked Santa for every time she saw him

 Drew tore into the presents as fast as he could and then would say "more presents please?"

Just a little chaotic :)

Christmas afternoon in Enid
 Trey, Cat, Stu and Darin hanging out

 Drew and Mammy
 Lauren and the kids. They had so much fun following her around!

Drew with his Great-Grandma Bobbi

 Christmas night at the Thunder game with Stu and Cat

They were worn out by all of the festivities and went to bed at 7:00 last night!

Goodbye Kaley

When the kids woke up on the 24th they found Kaley in Ryan's room with a note to them.  She explained that she would be leaving to go back to the North Pole and wouldn't be back until next year.  Ryan was really sad about it and I think Darin and I were a little relieved  the time had come.  We were getting a little tired of hiding her every night.  In the note Kaley said that they were allowed to touch her and give her a hug just this once to say goodbye. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Christmas pics

 We went and had Breakfast with Santa....Drew decided he wanted nothing to do with Santa this time and made this wonderful face the entire time

 Ryan and Noah with Santa

Ryan LOVED another opportunity to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas

 The kids made Christmas trees out of ice cream cones

 They did a whole lot of icing licking and candy eating

But they had so much fun!

 We went and looked at lights at Chesapeake with Lindsey

The kids had a blast!

 Ryan and her friend Olivia eating at her school Christmas party

 Ry with friends Brian and Sam

 Waiting to open her book 

 The class getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus

Ryan and Mary Caroline

 Playing with Tripp

 They were supposed to be getting ready for baths but decided they were rock stars

 Tummy time

 Having fun at her friend Stella's Zoo birthday party

 Fun at the Zoo party