Friday, December 9, 2011

Goodbye Paci!

Drew finally said goodbye to his pacis. The last few months I have only been letting him have it at night and for his nap.  He was fine with this and would hand it to me when he woke up.  I think we could have been done a while ago but I was dragging my feet a little.  It was just so easy to hand him the paci and he knew that meant to walk in his room, get in bed and go to sleep.  I decided to use the same "paci fairy" method I came up with when we took Ryan's away.  We told him that we would find all of the pacis in the house and put them in a baggie.  Then he would put them in the mailbox for the paci fairy to come pick up and give to babies that needed them. We also told him he could go to Toys R Us and pick out whatever toy he wanted.  

 Heading to the mailbox with the pacis

 Goodbye Pacis!!!

 He picked out a Cars Pillow Pet

 And got to get ice cream

He didn't even ask for the paci and went right to sleep :)

It has been 3 days and he hasn't said a thing about it!  Next big boy challenge.....potty training!

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