Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some lasts...

Ryan had her last day of Preschool last week.  She had a great year, made lots of friends and had wonderful teachers. She was sad to leave the First Presbyterian Early Childhood program but is very ready to move on with a new chapter next year in Pre-K at Washington Irving!

 Last day picture...she is ready for Field Day!
I told her I would walk her in since it was her last day and she said "Mom I don't need you to walk me in, lets just do the drop off line because I am almost in elementary school now"  :(

 With Mary Caroline at Field Day

Her class- notice Drew in the middle of everyone.  He came up with me to help and he got in line with all of the kids.  

Ryan also had her last soccer game on Saturday and she did awesome!!! She woke up that morning and told me she was going to score 5 goals.  I said that would be great but didn't think much about it because she had maybe scored 5 goals the whole season and lets face it was more of the social butterfly than the athlete.  But sure enough she surprised us and played awesome and scored 6 goals!! After the game the team went to Flat Tire and they all got medals and trophies.  She had so much fun playing this year with so many of her friends and especially loved having her daddy as her coach.  

 Posing with Coach Daddy before the game

 Drew warming up

Stopping to give her #1 fan a kiss

After multiple attempts I finally got one of her goals on video

 Proud of our little stud! 

 Ryan and Cooper with their medals

 Stella and Ryan after the game

 The Lions- Tiny Tot soccer

 Snack time!!

 Getting her trophy

A kiss from daddy

Both kids have done Gymnastics this year at Oklahoma Gold.  They had their last class and M&M Olympics this week.  Daddy and Poppy came to watch and they got to perform everything they have learned.  They also got trophies and a bag of M&M's.

 Drew marching in....he had no idea what was going on

 Ry marching in

Lots of pictures of them showing off their moves....

 This was Drew's favorite thing to do at Gymnastics-every week he would do it over and over
 Poppy came to watch!

 Drew with his class

 Ry and MC

 Getting their trophies

 Ryan and Mary Caroline

2 cuties :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Iphone pics

Sorry for the massive post with lots of random pictures:

 We had some friends over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. 7 kids in all! Everyone had a great time and surprisingly all of the kids got along great!
 Sweet Harrison
 Addy and Ryan
 Ryan and Mary Caroline
 Drew and Gavin playing with the princess castle
 They got to stay up really late!
Helping feed the fish

I took the kids to the Edmond Arts Festival-
 They got face and arm paint....
 Ate a ton...
 Did lots of bouncing and sliding things.....
And rode horses

 Before gymnastics
 Drew practicing his somersault at home...yes he has on a pink leotard
 New favorite thing to do when he wakes up
Puts his rain boots on and mows the lawn

Drew and Uncle Petey counting during hide and seek
Ry and Drew having fun with Mad and Petey

 We have been cheering on our Thunder!

At the movie with my sweet kiddos for Mothers Day