Saturday, June 30, 2012


So far our summer has consisted of lots of swimming and living in our bathing suits and we have LOVED every second of it!!!

 Still loving our Thunder

 Fun birthday party for Harrison

 Taking a break from swimming to eat lunch

 Popsicle break at Mammy and Mike's

 Swimming with my little man

 Driving home from the pool

 Swimming with daddy at night

My 2 little fishies

 Lunch at Quail Creek

 Ryan after her last day of swim lessons

Fun adult lake trip with the Borens

Ryan jumping off the diving board to her swim lessons teacher

Showing off her freestyle

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

 The kids hanging out with Papi

Cute boys in the pool

 Proof that we let Darin relax for a few minutes in between being super dad at the pool!

Ry laying out while texting on her pretend phone....I don't know where she learned this :)

Ry decided last week that she wasn't scared to put her face in the water anymore so naturally Darin and I jumped on the opportunity to teach her some stuff.  We are currently working on a gainer and perfecting her butterfly :)

 It was also C's birthday...the kids helping her blow out candles

Cheering on our Thunder

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Santa Fe Trip

My Dad and Candy rented a house in Santa Fe for all of the kids to come hang out at.  With all of the busy summer schedules everyone just stayed as long as they could.  Darin had to get back to work so he drove out with the kids and I on a Friday and then had to fly home that Sunday night.  Luckily my schedule is a little more flexible so the kids and I stayed until Thursday.  We got to be there at least for a little bit with everyone but Maddie and Blake.... which we missed a ton!  We had a blast sitting out on the unbelievable patio, hiking, getting massages, eating great food, walking around the Plaza, playing at the children's museum, watching Thunder games, drinking lots of great wine and just hanging out with family.  The kids had so much fun getting all of the attention from their Aunts and Uncles and Papi and C for such a long period of time.  Thanks to Dad and Candy for setting it all up and for spoiling us all week!!  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ryan's trip to Denver

My mom took Ryan to Denver to visit Maddie and Blake.  Ryan was absolutely ecstatic to say the least to be going on an airplane with just Mammy and getting all of the attention from DeDe, BoBo and Mammy for 3 days!! And I'm pretty sure she had more fun than she could have even imagined.  She got to go to the aquarium, children's museum, ride on a paddle boat, stay up REALLY late, go shopping and I'm positive was never told NO for the whole 3 days.  Thanks Mom, Maddie and Blake for spoiling her so much!!!

 At the airport


 Out to dinner

Drew and I hung at the pool (in between potty training)

 Children's Museum

 Paddle boats

This is how Drew reacted when he got up the first morning and realized Ryan wasn't in her room.  He REALLY missed his sissy!!

 Ice cream

 Loves her DeDe

Heading home in one of her multiple new Crewcuts outfits

Friday, June 8, 2012

Diaperless forever!!

Drew is officially potty trained!!!   I did the 3 day (which really turned into 5 days before we had it completely down) potty training boot camp with him. He caught onto the peeing at the end of day 1 but the pooping took 5 days to figure out....a LONG 5 days!!!  Darin was also out of town when I decided to do it...not my best decision but luckily I had I had a friend come pick up Ryan and entertain her for a whole day!  Then after the 3 days Ryan went out of town so I got to focus on him a little more.  We are so happy to be done with diapers and so proud of our little man!!!

 Getting all of his diapers ready to give to baby Tripp

  Checking out his selection of big boy "unies"

 Love this little booty

 Drinking LOTS of liquids

 Of course he still had to mow

 Ryan thought this might help him learn to poop

 Really proud of himself!