Thursday, June 14, 2012

Santa Fe Trip

My Dad and Candy rented a house in Santa Fe for all of the kids to come hang out at.  With all of the busy summer schedules everyone just stayed as long as they could.  Darin had to get back to work so he drove out with the kids and I on a Friday and then had to fly home that Sunday night.  Luckily my schedule is a little more flexible so the kids and I stayed until Thursday.  We got to be there at least for a little bit with everyone but Maddie and Blake.... which we missed a ton!  We had a blast sitting out on the unbelievable patio, hiking, getting massages, eating great food, walking around the Plaza, playing at the children's museum, watching Thunder games, drinking lots of great wine and just hanging out with family.  The kids had so much fun getting all of the attention from their Aunts and Uncles and Papi and C for such a long period of time.  Thanks to Dad and Candy for setting it all up and for spoiling us all week!!  

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