Friday, June 8, 2012

Diaperless forever!!

Drew is officially potty trained!!!   I did the 3 day (which really turned into 5 days before we had it completely down) potty training boot camp with him. He caught onto the peeing at the end of day 1 but the pooping took 5 days to figure out....a LONG 5 days!!!  Darin was also out of town when I decided to do it...not my best decision but luckily I had I had a friend come pick up Ryan and entertain her for a whole day!  Then after the 3 days Ryan went out of town so I got to focus on him a little more.  We are so happy to be done with diapers and so proud of our little man!!!

 Getting all of his diapers ready to give to baby Tripp

  Checking out his selection of big boy "unies"

 Love this little booty

 Drinking LOTS of liquids

 Of course he still had to mow

 Ryan thought this might help him learn to poop

 Really proud of himself!


  1. That is great! I'll need your boot camp advice before long!

  2. I will email you the info when you are ready. Although I can't even imagine potty training 2 at the same time!!!