Monday, June 11, 2012

Ryan's trip to Denver

My mom took Ryan to Denver to visit Maddie and Blake.  Ryan was absolutely ecstatic to say the least to be going on an airplane with just Mammy and getting all of the attention from DeDe, BoBo and Mammy for 3 days!! And I'm pretty sure she had more fun than she could have even imagined.  She got to go to the aquarium, children's museum, ride on a paddle boat, stay up REALLY late, go shopping and I'm positive was never told NO for the whole 3 days.  Thanks Mom, Maddie and Blake for spoiling her so much!!!

 At the airport


 Out to dinner

Drew and I hung at the pool (in between potty training)

 Children's Museum

 Paddle boats

This is how Drew reacted when he got up the first morning and realized Ryan wasn't in her room.  He REALLY missed his sissy!!

 Ice cream

 Loves her DeDe

Heading home in one of her multiple new Crewcuts outfits

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