Friday, September 30, 2011

Finally home!!

A couple of weekends ago I got to go to Vegas for a girls trip.  It was Lauren's bachelorette party but also 2 days after my 30th birthday.  Besides the horrible flying luck that landed us in Vegas 13 hours later than expected we had an absolute blast!  I can't wait for Lauren's wedding in December!

The old KMSC gang!

The Hard Rock pool was crazy!

The whole group

The bachelorette

Hanging out with Heidi Montag (Spencer took the picture)

I needed a relaxing vacation after that....luckily 2 days later Darin and I went to Cancun for 6 days!  This was with the Edmond Chamber group that we have gone with the last 2 years.  As always we had a great time with the group.  We spent the week relaxing in the ocean, playing sand volleyball, eating amazing food, drinking plenty of fun shots and drinks and getting massages on the beach!

Lori and I relaxing at the pool the first day.

Kenneth, Tim and Darin

Hanging out with the Hibbards before dinner

The Wohls

Enjoying our private pool that we found!

The fish were EVERYWHERE!!

Shanna and Myron!

We had so much fun but missed the kids a lot and couldn't wait to get home. They had a great time without us and could have cared less that we were gone.  Thanks to great friends Andrea and Jared for helping Darin while I was in Vegas and my Mom and Mike for keeping them while we were in Mexico!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Over the weekend we drove to Kansas City to go to Darin's Aunt Marsha's wedding.  Ryan and Drew were both in the wedding.  Ryan (the professional flower girl) was in her 6th wedding and Drew got to be the ring bearer for the first time.  Both kids did awesome and we all had a great time at the wedding! Congrats to Marsha and Marty!

The flower girls

The Ring Bearers

Notice Drew has a cookie in his hand.  He walked by the dessert table on the way down the aisle.  Of course he stopped, yelled cookie and grabbed one!

Marsha with her kids Dalton and Jessie

Ryan and Grandma dancing

The kids had a blast dancing all night!

Monday, September 12, 2011

New camera = WAY better pictures

I got a new camera as an early birthday present this year.  I have been playing around with it a lot and absolutley love it! The quality of the pictures is awesome!  Here are some pictures I have taken recently...