Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July Fun

We had a great 4th of July watching the parade, swimming, eating and watching fieworks!

 Our neighborhood does fireworks every year the weekend before the 4th.  We sat in the front yard and had a trial run at staying up really late and making sure that nobody was scared this year.  Luckily both kids did great staying up and loved every second of the fireworks!

 Looking at the stars waiting for the fireworks to start

 At the downtown Edmond parade

 Waving to everyone

 Drew enjoying the parade and me sweating

 Swimming at Poppy and C's all afternoon
 Drew's idea of laying out...

 They had to get a little fishing in before the fireworks

 Loved getting to eat an Eileens cookie at 10PM!

 The kids were so excited to get to love on "their Tripp"

 Drew was having a hard time keeping his eyes open with the bright flash :)

 Watching fireworks with Kenneth

 Getting the sleepy sillys from his long day...
An attempt at a family picture...clearly Ryan also had a hard time with the bright flash

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