Monday, April 30, 2012

OKC Memorial Marathon Weekend

The OKC Memorial Marathon was this weekend so Stu and Cat were in town to run.  As always we had fun hanging out with them for the short time they were here. The kids and I woke up early on Sunday so we could go watch and cheer on Stu, Cat and Darin on at the finish. Pics from the weekend.....

 Cat also got to go to Ryan's soccer game on Saturday....Ry was SO excited!

 Watching for Daddy!

 Sitting with Adrien waiting for Daddy and Chad to finish

 It started sprinkling but Ry was prepared with her hat and umbrella

The only pic I got of Darin running....The rain picked up as he was finishing so I was messing with the kids.  He ran great and finished really strong!

 Darin after his half marathon

 My studly little brother and sister in law finishing the marathon!

 Cat finished 2nd overall and Stu ran with her the whole way
 Stu at the finish - he barely trained because he is doing his residency and he flew in the night before the race to run with Cat!
 Such a Stud! We are so proud of her!

 Ry and Cat walking after the race

Ry loved gettting to see Stu and Cat

 Hot tubbing with Daddy after the race

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