Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last London Post

So we went to London to hang out and go to as many Olympic events as we could.  The 6 of us tried everything we could to get tickets before we left and we were totally unsuccessful! But everyone we talked to said its no problem to get tickets when you get there.  So we didn't worry too much about it and headed to London ticketless.  Ended up being a different story when we got there....we headed to Olympic Village to find out that they wouldn't let you in unless you had a ticket.  After at least 30 minutes of serious pouting (mostly from me) we headed to dinner at a local pub.  A random guy in a USA shirt by himself sat down next to us and we started talking. Long story short he had a lot of tickets and had resources to get more.  His name was Curry and he literally made our first Olympic experience what it was. We talked to him multiple times a day and got to go to a TON of events!!  We talked to so many people while we were there that tried everything to get just one ticket and couldn't so we felt VERY lucky to have met Curry!

 Decked out in our red, white and blue

Really excited...about 5 min later we realized we couldn't get in

 The very next morning we got tickets to Judo...just excited to be in Olympic Village

  Later that day Lindsey and I got to go to the Mens Gymnastics final and sit in a suite!!

 And we spotted William and Harry there

 One of the many times we had to go to an ATM and get lots of cash for tickets

Waiting for one of the ticket drop off guys

 We got to go to a few beach volleyball games....they were so much fun!

 The cheerleaders

 We went to a Mens USA  basketball game and of course had to sport some Thunder gear

Our seats were really high so after the half we found empty seats down low and sat...Darin and I sat in the athlete section on accident. But we must have blended in because we never had to move :)

              Andy went to Wimbledon to watch Tennis one day

 We went to Track and Field one morning and had amazing seats 14 rows up!

Taylor -He got gold in the triple jump
We got to see Bolt run

On our last night there we went to the Women's gold medal soccer game...We took a chance and bought the tickets before the US girls had made it and were so excited when they did!

We got a little more serious about our outfits this time....

 We met Wambach's sister in a pub right before the game....she actually asked to take a picture with us because of our outfits
 We got A LOT of attention for our outfits....we had people stop and ask to take pictures with us constantly. 

 The boys ran into Sinclair (the Canadian player that got a hat trick in the semi final game against us)
 Celebrating the win

Getting their medals

The soccer game was my favorite event we went to.  Watching the gold medal ceremony was so awesome! They played "Born in the USA" after the win and everyone in the stands went crazy.  It was such a cool experience and definitely an amazing way to end our trip. We are already talking about making this an every 4 year trip....Rio sounds pretty cool?? 

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  1. Soooo freaking awesome, all of it. Amazed at how many things you saw!