Tuesday, August 21, 2012

London Post #2

We took 2 trips while we were in London: Paris for a day and Edinburgh for 2 days.  I was just okay about Paris....the sights were cool, the wine was really good, but the French weren't the nicest.  We left really early one morning and took the Chunnel (train that goes underwater part of the way) to Paris.  Really glad we got to go but we were happy to get back to London that night.

Scotland on the other hand I absolutely loved! Edinburgh was like something out of a movie....and it rained almost the whole time we were there so that's saying a lot. Everything was so pretty, I loved the people, we stayed in the cutest Bed and Breakfast, I found out that I really like Jamison and Ginger Ale and we got to go in a real castle! 

Paris pictures:

On our way....really early in the morning!

 View from half way up the Eiffel Tower

 It was cheaper than bottled water...

 We met Robin and Ginny (and their mom the Juvinator) in Paris.  It was so good to see them....especially Robin who we hadn't seen since last new years
The gang- minus Darin who was taking the picture

The boys

 The street dancers that lured us into their show....pretty sure my awful face was because he had just kissed my cheek

Lindsey was also less than impressed by their "moves"

This pretty much sums up the boys trip to Paris

 Having fun with our jump pictures

 Notre Dame
The ONLY nice waiter we had all day!

Edinburgh pics:

Heading into our bed and breakfast

 First stop was to buy Rubbers...AKA rainboots :)

 The castle

Whiskey tasting with the bed and breakfast owner

Olympic events post is next....

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