Monday, August 20, 2012

London Post #1

We just got back from a 2 week trip to London.  It was the coolest trip we have ever been on! We had planned the trip basically ever since the Beijing Olympics. We went with our friends Lindsey and Dustin (who actually got engaged the morning before we left!!) and our friend Chad (whose wife Adrien got pregnant mid planning and couldn't go). So his college friend Andy (who we didn't meet until we got to London but all immediately loved!!) stepped in and went last minute.  The kids stayed with Mammy and Mike in Tulsa for the first 9 days and then Papa and Nana flew from California to stay with them at our house the last 5 days.  I got to FaceTime them every couple of days which helped them and me A LOT!!! The kids had an absolute blast with the grandparents and were spoiled rotten for 2 weeks. We are so lucky to have family that will drop everything and take care of our kids!!

Both Darin and Chad are REALLY into photography and took awesome pictures the whole time. I had over 1500 to sort through :)  So here we go with LOTS of pictures.....

 Darin found this couple online that we rented the flat from. Here we are with Adam and Jude when we first arrived in London. They gave us a tour and had lunch before going out of town for the 2 weeks. 

This is the AMAZING pub The Nightingale that was right across the street from our flat....we spent a lot of time here :)

They didn't have a dryer so we hung our clothes to dry...this got old and I couldn't wait to dry everything when we got home

 We did a lot of sightseeing in London on days that we didn't have Olympic tickets

 One of the many bathrooms that I had to pay to use.
 We joked that we had paparazzi following us around

 Hanging with Summer Sanders in the Chase VIP Lounge
and Gary Hall Jr
 The VIP Lounge was drinks, snacks, wifi and TV's all day

 View from the London Eye

 We literally went nonstop for the 14 days we were Lindsey and I had no problems falling asleep at every opportunity we could.  And somehow the paparazzi always got a picture of it...


I will do more blogs on the trips we took to Paris and Scotland and all of the Olympic events we went to soon!

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