Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last minute ABQ trip

We just got back from visiting Stu and Cat in Albuquerque and as usual had a great time!  We decided to take the kids last minute to Sandia to try out skiing for the day.  Darin and I went into it with very low expectations: Drew really is too young and Ryan is very cautious and likes to know she can do something before she tries it.  And it went about like we expected.....lots of tears and we only lasted a couple of hours.  It wasn't a total bust because they LOVED playing in the snow and we found out they weren't ready to plan a whole ski trip with yet!  We decided we would try again in a couple of years when they can both go to ski school.

 On our way...Still excited!

 Starts snowing, the wind picks up and the temp drops to 16 degrees....the odds were against us at this point

 Ryan and Cat getting boots on
Drew man has no idea what is going on

 Drew playing in the snow
 Worn out

 She wouldn't look at me bc she was still mad
*Sorry for the missing pictures of  them attempting to ski (crying, screaming and going limp noodle) because I was busy consoling my children.

More pictures from the rest of the trip:

 Playing at the park

 Ryan helping Cat train for her marathon :)
The love each other :)

 Hot Chocolate
 The boys at dinner one night

 Ry and Uncle Stu

 Drew giving daddy kisses

My cool guy

Stu and Ry dancing

 Looking at the sting ray at the Aquarium

 They were a little nervous about the fish being above their heads
 The shark tank

 Outside in the gardens

 Enjoying the nice weather!


  1. Loving the pics! Especially Drew in his beanie with his hot chocolate and straw. He is such a little man! Miss you guys :)