Monday, February 27, 2012

Picture catch up

 Drew dressing up as a BOY finally :)

 Drew's eyes are really sensitive to the sun so he always has to have sunglasses on in the car.  He lost his and wasn't very happy about having to wear Ry's Barbie ones.

I got him 2 new pairs that he loves!

They called themselves the "Shirtless Rockstars"

 Drew has decided that he is ready to pee in the potty!   He loves using the potty like sissy and really loves wearing superhero "unies"  Not the best timing because we are getting ready to go out of town but I have been letting him wear them around the house. I think we will do the 3 day potty training boot camp when we get back!  

 The kids went fishing this weekend at Papi's house.  They had so much fun!

Drew caught his first fish!! He even touched it while Ryan looked at it from a distance.

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