Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Iphone pictures

Picture catch up:

 Darin took Ryan to a Thunder game for a date last week. They both had a great time.
Passed out on the way home

 Watching a movie together
 Drew helping C make brownies
 "Donuts with Dad" at school
 Playing at the park while Ryan is at school

My cute grocery store helpers

 We went to the Spaghetti Eddie concert for Edmond Memorial's Swine Week
 Rockin the props that they got
 Ice cream after the concert

 Before Ryan's 1st soccer practice 
Ryan said they needed to pose like a real soccer player but Drew couldn't balance so she held his hand :)
The ball boy for the soccer team

 The soccer team listening to Coach Daddy and Coach Jared

 Stella, Mary Caroline and Ryan at practice
 Cooper, Ryan and Mary Caroline

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