Monday, March 19, 2012

Program and Soccer

Ryan had her Spring Program at school and her first soccer game last week.  Here are pictures from both:

 Before the program
 Typical Drew when I asked him to be in a picture
 Ryan talked him into smiling with her
Loves his daddy

 Ryan is 2nd row to the left

Unlike her Thanksgiving program she actually looked like she was having a good time and sang the songs!

Drew sat in the audience yelling "hi Ryan" and "Look I see Ryan" over and over.  She was a good big sister and waved to him numerous times.

 Warming up before the game
 Listening to Coach Daddy

 Ryan was way more into kicking the ball this year.....

 But still stopped to smile for the camera

Even had a face plant during the game....and jumped back up without a tear

Resting during halftime

Drew hanging out on the field...he did great watching and only ran onto to the field a couple of times 
 Throwing the ball in

Ryan and Noah

Tilk came to watch Ryan play!

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