Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Fun

Ryan had 2 soccer games Saturday afternoon.  The games were in the middle of nap time and it was really hot this weekend.  This made for a REALLY long afternoon.  But we did survive the games...barely. 

 Ryan stopping to take a picture during the game

 Snack break between games

 Drew hanging out on the sidelines

Darin trying to get the team to stand up and play
(This was the 2nd game-they were all done by this point)

Darin and I went to the Fine Arts Spring Sampler later that night and got some great stuff from the auction.  One of our wins was a princess outfit for Ryan.  She has worn it non-stop since we gave it to her.  I talked her into taking it off to sleep and take a bath luckily.

On Sunday we went to the Zoo with Cydney, Matt and Reese.  It was hot and windy but it didn't stop the thousands of  people from thinking it was the perfect day for the zoo too.  We all had a great time!

 Ryan and Reese hugging
(She agreed to take the princess outfit off for the zoo if she got to wear another dress.)

 Drew loved looking for the animals and yelling "See" over and over

 The kids watching the bears get fed

 Ry watching the bear eat a banana

 We had to ride the merry-go-round

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