Monday, April 11, 2011

Loving the weather

We have been taking full advantage of the nice weather by spending tons of time outside.  The kids can't wait for summer to get here so they can start swimming everyday.  I have been holding them off by filling up their Toy Story pool and the water table.  So far it is working...

Ryan also had another soccer game on Saturday.  They had their first win and Ryan scored her first goal!!!  She was beyond excited about it all day long.  She would say, "I can't believe I scored a  goal, I'm just so proud of myself" I only took one picture after the game of her and her proud coach :)

Friday we went to one of Ryan's best friends Addison's birthday party at Bouncin Craze.  The kids had a great time playing, jumping and eating tons of candy!  They both slept awesome that night.  

 Ryan and Noah with the birthday girl!

Drew before the party

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