Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess I should have known...

they were up to something!  I had cooked dinner and unloaded the dishwasher without a single scream or cry from either kid.  I had asked Ryan to play with Drew for a little bit so I could get dinner fixed for them before Darin and I left for the Thunder game.  When I finally went in to check on them this is what I found....

Ryan had taken every toy out of his closet for them to play with.  I will give it to her, he was definitely entertained! 

Thanks to Stu and Cat for babysitting the kids until midnight last night while Darin and I went to the Thunder game.  We had a great time and the Thunder are going to the 2nd round of the playoffs!


  1. Hi! It's Stacy Hall - I'm going to start following your blog and add it to my list! love the pics above!

  2. Good I will have to follow yours too! Hope the pregnancy is going well!