Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sorry I have been slacking in the blogging department but I am back.  Ryan had her second soccer game this morning.  Of course it was freezing which didn't go over well with a team of 3 year olds.  Still it was REALLY entertaining!  They were off to a great start with a couple of quick goals by her friend Jack,  but ended up losing the game.  Ryan didn't seem to mind the loss and had a great time!  She was one of the few kids who didn't shed a tear the whole game.  I was proud :) Although she was a little nervous and only touched the ball maybe twice. We are working on that with bribes to get ice cream if she actually kicks the ball and scores.   Can you tell her parents are a little competitive?  Next week we have a double header so we will see how that goes!   Here are some pictures from the game...

Freezing but ready to play! 

 Learning that they are supposed to "kick it to Elmo"

 Getting ready

 Noah, Ryan and Jack
 Spring, Summer and Season keeping the younger siblings off the field

 Ryan and Noah trying to stay warm on the sideline

Team picture (Minus Jamie and Jacey)

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