Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Child-LESS weekend

The kids went to Tulsa to stay with my Mom and Mike over the weekend.  Darin and I packed as much into the few days as we could!   They left on Thursday evening and we met half way to get them Sunday morning.  Darin took off work Friday so we could spend the day together and then we hung out with friends on Saturday.  We had our 7 year anniversary over Memorial weekend and didn't really do anything so we celebrated with a nice dinner and a night at the Skirvin Hotel. 

While they were gone we:

saw 2 movies at the theater and 1 at home
had 1 lunch date
went out to dinner 2 times
layed out at the pool 2 days 
did the Gorilla Challenge which resulted in an 8 mile run
stayed 1 night at the Skirvin
hung out with friends on a rooftop bar as long as we wanted
went to the mall and shopped
went to Sams
went to Academy

It's amazing the amount of things you can get done when you don't have to deal with getting kids in and out of car seats, naps, early bed times, sunscreen at the pool, strollers and wiping mouths and hands and handing out snacks.  

We had a great time and were all refreshed and ready to get the kids back on Sunday.  Thanks to my Mom and Mike for taking the kids (even though Drew was of course sick and coughing and sleeping awful)!

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  1. So glad w got to be a part of the weekend!!! Great dinner and perfect weather on the roof top plus Tequila Sunrise is definitely a perfect night!