Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Ryan caught her version of Drew's virus this weekend.  She had a fever and a stomach ache off and on all weekend long.  We had a few things we had to go to but tried to keep her resting as much as we could. 

Friday night we had a BBQ to go to for the Edmond Fine Arts at Hafer Park.  The kids had a great time listening to the band and playing. 

Saturday Stu graduated from Med School.  He is officially Dr Stuart Lisle!  We are so proud of all of his hard work.  Stu and Cat are moving to Albuquerque tomorrow for his residency.  We are going to miss them, but can't wait to come visit!  

We took advantage of having a Dr in the family right away by having Stu take out Drew's stitches!

We spent Sunday and Monday hanging around the house.  We got out and saw Kung Fu Panda 2 with the kids.  Luckily it was super windy and cloudy so we weren't too upset that we didn't get to spend the weekend at the pool.  We also helped Stu and Cat load the moving truck.  (OK Darin helped and the kids and I hung out)

Reading together


Drew's first movie.  He lasted about an hour before he had to go walk around.  We bribed him to sit still with popcorn and sprite

Ryan ate a ton last night, slept great and has been fever free all day!  Hopefully we are going to stay well for a while and can start enjoying summer.

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  1. haha.. was wondering how you got him to sit there. my kids haven't been to the movies yet!! they are deprived!