Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To say the last few days have been stressfull.... an understatement!!  We have taken Drew to the ER twice in 3 days.  One of the times happened to be while the tornado sirens were going off and the weather men were saying to take cover!  

Thursday Drew woke up with a low fever but seemed to feel fine.  I figured he was getting his 2 year molars and gave him some Tylenol and we went on with our day.  He continued to have a fever through Saturday and started acting like he didn't feel good. He also had diarrhea a couple of times.  So I brought him to our Pediatrician office and we saw the Dr on call for Saturday.  He checked his ears and throat and said everything looked fine.  He told us to keep an eye on him and try to keep fluids in him. We went home and he continued to have diarrhea the rest of the day.  He didn't really act like he felt bad but his temp was in the 101's now.  We tried to get him to eat and drink but he wanted nothing. 

Darin went in and woke him up at 10:15 on Sunday and he was acting really weird.  He wouldn't look at anyone and wasn't responding when you talked to him.  His fever was 102 and he had a dry diaper. (All things they ask when trying to decide if he is dehydrated).   He also had sunken in eyes and couldn't stay awake. Really scary to see your normally wild 18 mos old acting so lethargic. Darin fed him a banana and a piece of toast and got him to drink 2 cups of Gatorade/water.  We waited to see if that would help.  He didn't improve much so after talking to Stu and the triage nurse we took him to the walk in Dr that is open on Sundays.  They looked at him and told us to get him to Children's Hospital.  We dropped Ryan off with my dad and headed to the ER.

We got in pretty fast and the Dr and nurses we dealt with were wonderful!  They got him hooked up to an IV for fluids, took blood so they could run tests and took x rays of his chest and stomach.  All blood tests came back normal except the one dealing with dehydration.  The normal levels are in the 20's and he was a 17.  They said 15 is the number that is really scary and they would have immediately admitted him if it was that low.  I think the only reason it wasn't is because of the drinks Darin got him to drink that morning.  They also saw a lot of gas in his stomach which was causing him pain but was just from the virus.  They let us go home that night as long as we watched him closely so he could sleep in his own bed. 

 Waiting to be hooked up to the IV

He couldn't stay awake.


Watching a movie and having a snack after the fluids started kicking in

He was a little bit better on Monday.  He was still really tired and didn't want to eat or drink because of all of the gas making him feel full.  I tried everything to get him to drink so we wouldn't have to go back and get more fluids.  We tried Popsicles, juice boxes, slushes, kool-aid, Gatorade but he wanted nothing! That evening he had about a half a cup of Gatorade and had 3 wet diapers during the day. Luckily he still had a lot of the fluids still in him from Sunday.  So the ER doctor said that was good enough.

Tuesday he was much better.  His fever was down to 99.  He still had gas but the gas drops we were giving were helping.  He asked for a drink and something to eat.  I have never been so happy to hear the words "wa wa" and "eat" come out of his mouth!  He did great all day and was starting to act more like himself again.  The only weird thing is that he now had a full body rash.  We had an appt with our pediatrician late afternoon so no big deal.  We got to the Dr as they were closing down because the tornadoes were coming.  Since we were already there he went ahead and saw us.  He said everything was looking good and the rash was usually the end of a bad virus.  We hurried home to take cover for the tornadoes that were supposed to be in Edmond in about 30 min!

As we are driving home I start explaining to Ryan that a bad tornado is heading our way and that we were going to go home and take cover in the pantry so we will be safe.  She was a little nervous but was kind of excited that we were going to get blankets and pillows and sit in the pantry.  As we walk in the house Ryan runs to her room to get her blankets as I start clearing out the pantry so we can all fit.  Darin is walking in the door and the tornado sirens start going off!  I went to turn the TV up so we can hear the weather and Drew walked into the pantry, slipped on Ryan's blanket and fell face first into a galvanized bucket that was in there.  I hear a bad scream and go running in there to find him on the ground with a busted chin and blood everywhere.  I picked him up while Darin ran to get a towel.  Ryan takes one look at Drew and I covered in blood and bursts into tears!  We try to stop the bleeding and decide what we should do.  The sirens are still going off and they are telling us to take cover.  I call Stu and he says you need to get him to the ER because he can't lose a ton of blood since he is so small and recovering from dehydration.  After freaking out for a few seconds we grab his diaper bag, call Maddie and see if we can drop Ryan off with her and head to the Edmond ER this time. 

Filling our paperwork

The cut

The IPhone has really come in handy in the hospital!

Getting stitched up

Edmond ends up being really lucky and the tornado changed paths a little and we didn't get hit hard.  The Drs in the ER were also very nice and got us back really fast.  They numbed the chin and gave him 3 stitches.  Drew was really tough and the Dr was really fast.  We went to pick up Ryan and headed home.  Both kids were exhausted and went straight to bed! 

I am hoping the rest of the week is boring and uneventful because I'm not sure how much more stress I can handle right now! 

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