Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tough Mudder

We did it!  Last weekend we drove to Austin to compete in the Tough Mudder competition.  Darin's sister Shana has done 2 of them with her friend Rudy and they talked us into doing it.  Well it took about 5 minutes to talk Darin into it and more like a month to talk me into it.  When I finally agreed to it I tried to talk some friends into doing it with us.  The only 2 that were not afraid of it being too cold and are crazy enough to do it were our friends Lindsey and Dustin.  So the 6 of us were a team.  If you have never heard of the Tough Mudder you should look it up...        The one we did was 10 miles long with 18 obstacles throughout the race.  Most of the running was up hill or on uneven ground and a lot of the obstacles involved cold water and mud.   We really lucked out because the weather ended up being perfect and the race was so much fun!  We are already looking at dates for our next one!

Here are some pictures that we took over the weekend.  They take lots of pictures of you during the race so as soon as they email me the link I will put them on here too. 

 At dinner the night before

 Our awesome room at the Austin Motel

 Rudy and Shana on the way to the race

 Our team before...we were Pac Man and the ghosts

Rudy, Shana, Me and Darin before

 After pic...Pac Man had a flight to catch

 After the race

At the after party

 Enjoying the nice weather with dinner and drinks outside

 The girls at dinner

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  1. I'm super jealous. Next time you do it, Kody and I are IN!