Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow storm 2011

We all started out excited about the snow at the first of the week but as of day 4 in the house we are over it! Both kids started coughing a ton on Wednesday and haven't stopped since.  Ryan has seemed to feel fine but coughs all the time.  Drew seemed to feel awful and wouldn't eat or sleep... total opposite of his normal routine.  So yesterday we ventured into the snow to take them to the Dr.  After waiting in the waiting room for an hour they saw us. It was so crowded because they had been closed the 2 days before.  Drew ended up having Bronchitis and ear infections in both ears.  They said everything looked fine for Ryan except her cough sounded awful.  So we left with a steroid shot, antibiotics and a huge bottle of Tylenol codeine and high hopes that they would be able to sleep better.  Drew seemed better and actually ate dinner last night.  He had his cough medicine and went to bed at 6:30.  Ryan wouldn't eat dinner, had her cough medicine and projectile puked all over the kitchen floor and sink.  She eventually went to sleep and has layed around all morning.   Needless to say this has been a really LONG week!! I have taken lots of pictures because I have nothing else to do. 

 Hot chocolate by the fire
(yes she is wearing shorts when it is 0 outside but I got her to wear a sweatshirt at least)

 watching movies

 First time out of the house!

 playing dress up

Still have to look good even if we don't leave the house

 After 30 sec in the snow

 Hank trying to go to the bathroom

 Darin after shoveling the driveway

Drew wishing he could go outside

 Hated the snow but loved snow ice cream

 Loved his first snow ice cream experience

 sick boy

 We made a mat in the living room for movies but it has ended up being the snuggle mat for the sick kids


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  1. Fun pictures... so sorry to hear they both are sick. Feel better soon and we can go play! Missed you all at Bouncin Craze - it didn't up being that bad...