Thursday, October 14, 2010


Since the last few posts have been mostly about Ryan I felt like we needed one on Drew-Man.  Drew is 10 months old now and a ball of fire.  He has learned to stand on his own and he has taken 8-10 steps numerous times.  He hasn't started officially walking because he won't slow down enough to get his balance.  He just takes off running and then dives at whatever he is trying to get to.  He is fearless and the total opposite of Ryan.  We have had to re-childproof the house because he has found stuff to get into that Ryan never even thought of.  He still loves Ryan and just thinks she hung the moon.  He lights up the second he sees or hears her and wants to constantly be wherever she is.  They are only 4 lbs different in size now so they have been able to play a lot more without Drew getting hurt.  Their new thing is for Ryan to tickle him until he falls on the floor and then she tackles him and holds him down until he is able to escape from her.  They both think it the funniest thing ever.
 Getting into the pots and pans

Practicing his standing

  So excited to play in Ryan's room with her toys while she is at school

I left him alone for about a minute and I find him here

His favorite things to do right outside and walking

They did this over and over at the park yesterday!

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  1. Ty, Drew is so cute! He is going to be such a heart breaker! So handsome!