Thursday, October 7, 2010


Tuesday was Ryan's 3rd birthday!  She couldn't be happier about all the attention.  She has been talking about all the things she is going to do and like when she is 3 for months now.  Examples: she will like Santa (climbed up my leg screaming and crying when she saw him last year... so we will see), she will like salad, she will be able to eat all of her dinner every night, and my favorite that she will be able to get completely dressed with shoes and comb her hair all by herself.  Its so funny to me how she thinks being 3 is such a huge deal.  If I call her a kid or anything about being little she corrects me and says "I'm a big girl now mom because I am 3." 

 1 day old

1st birthday

2nd birthday

She had a great day on Tuesday.  She had a doughnut and chocolate milk for breakfast before going to school.  At school she got to bring a special birthday snack for her friends.  Of course she wanted to bring pink princess cookies.  That night we went to Red Robin for dinner.  She wanted to sit outside and have a big pink milkshake with sprinkles.  She LOVED every second of her special day!  We are having her party on Saturday with her friend Noah at Bouncin Craze.  She can't wait!

Celebrating with Aunt DeDe (Maddie's bday is the day before Ryan's)

Drew dominating his piece of cake!

Ryan with her soccer goal that Drew-Man got her.

Birthday breakfast!

Playing at dinner

Daddy helping finish the milkshake

Family picture (Ryan sporting her new Pumas)


  1. Ya'll are soo cute! I love that everything has to be pink!!! So girly!

  2. Red Robin! What a great way to celebrate. I can't believe she is three.