Friday, October 22, 2010

Crazy Weekend

So Friday was Darin's birthday.  We had set it up for Maddie and Blake to babysit the kids so we could have a nice childless birthday dinner.  Well at about 4:30 on Friday afternoon that little date night changed.  I walked into the laundry room and slipped on water and went sliding into the staircase hitting my knee, elbow and head all while landing in ankle deep water. I looked into the laundry room to see water flowing out the top of the washing machine! Thankfully Drew was in his bed and Ryan was sitting at the table having a snack.  I call Darin and leave an over dramatic message saying something along the lines of "I think I broke my knee and elbow and the house is flooding!  Come home right now!"  I put every towel we own on the floor to stop the water from getting to the carpet and start trying to salvage everything that was on the ground in the pantry and laundry room that is now floating away.  Darin gets home and starts cleaning, Maddie comes and picks up the kids and feeds them and I nurse the elbow which I really can't move.  About an hour later we decide to punt dinner and go to McBride to get an X-Ray on my elbow.  Turns out I am a wimp and it was just a bruised elbow and I am going to live.  This is the second birthday in a row for Darin that I have fallen and ruined his birthday dinner.  He thinks I have issues with him getting all the attention that day.  He told me next year he is going to plan a birthday dinner without me.  (Last year I was 8 months preggo with Drew and I tripped over Ryan and fell on my belly.  He got another over dramatic phone call and we spent the evening up at Lakeside hooked up to the monitors to make sure everything was okay.  We were lucky and everyone was fine.)

Then we wake up Saturday morning and had planned on taking the kids to the pumpkin patch.  I walk in Drew's closet and the carpet is soaked!  Apparently the water went through the wall into his closet and part of his room.  So once again our plans are altered.  Darin now has to move everything in the closet and room so he can pull back the carpet and dry them.  Ryan was so excited to go to the pumpkin patch so I took them by myself so they would be out of Darin's way while he works.  Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch...

Ryan on the horse.  She LOVED it!

Picking out the perfect pumpkin
Drew's pumpkin

 We stopped at Pops after and Ry picked out a Watermelon Soda.


  1. So Sorry Ty! Hope you're feeling better! Now I know why when I texted Darin to tell him happy birthday, he said, "Thanks, have Ty tell you all about it." lol.

  2. Absolutely hilarious! Poor Darin just has bad luck on his bday! Hope everything is better!

  3. OH MY! I had no idea... hope everything is okay now. I can come ice your elbow for you like I did for your shin splits back in the day. Let's plan a play date soon. I am wanting to go to the Orr Family Farm.