Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st Day of School

Ryan had her 1st day of school yesterday.  It was only a half day this week, so no naptime or lunch at school.  Full days start next week and I can't wait to see how both of those are going to go.  She was so excited to go all morning and wanted to carry her "church school bag" all by herself.  When we got there she took a quick picture with her teachers, gave me a hug and Drewman a kiss and she was off playing babies.  When I picked her up they said she did great!  She only got in trouble once for trying to drag a 1yr old up the slide and make her sit in her lap to slide down.  Obviously this didn't go over so well with the 1yr old.  She told me she was just trying to take care of her and be her mommy. This didn't surprise me at all because she pretends she is "Drew's mommy" on a daily basis.  We talked about not trying to be a mommy to a "real kid" and how not all kids are as tough as Drew.  She said next time she will just play with the kids in her class and not take care of the 1yr olds.  Overall I think she had a great 1st day.

Ready to go!

Drew taking advantage of me getting Ryan ready.  Guess it's time to get out the baby gate!

           Ryan with Ms. Brandi and Ms. Stephanie

Also we got Drew's 9 month pictures (and some of Ryan)  back that we took a couple of week ago.  Kristi Morton took them again for us, she is awesome!!  We are happy how well they turned out especially since Drew was cutting a tooth and Ryan fell and got a bloody, fat lip 5 minutes into the pictures.  You can look at   Go to client proofing and the password is: drew

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