Friday, September 17, 2010

Nana and Papa visit

Last week Nana and Papa came to visit from California.  The kids had a blast and were spoiled rotten as usual.  We hadn't seen them since March (besides Skype) so we were all pretty excited.  We hung out, went shopping, the boys went to the OU game and we celebrated birthdays.  Here are some pictures from the week.

Ryan and Nana doing their morning workout. 

Drew playing with his truck from Nana and Papa

An attempt at a family picture at my bday party

Drew and Papa

Darin and I are off to Cancun next week for a childless, all inclusive vacation!! Darin won the trip for the second year in a row through the Edmond Chamber of Commerce.  Last year we had a blast and  I was 7 months preggo so I am planning on having even more fun this year.  :)    A big thanks to my Mom and Mike for volunteering to keep the kids for us the whole time!

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  1. You are spoiled! Have fun and make sure and work on that tan for me. Don't forget the margaritas and fruity drinks too! Take a break from P90X