Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.  On Wednesday Ryan and I had a "girls night" at the Thunder game.  She had so much fun looking for Rumble (the mascot) and eating ice cream.  It worked out great because some of our friends that we share the tickets with have a 3 year old son who also came to the game.  They had a great time playing and spotting Rumble.  Then on Thanksgiving day we put up our Christmas decorations and had dinner at my dads.

Ryan and Hudson


Her huge ice cream with sprinkles

 Ryan and Pop at dinner

Darin and Drew on Thanksgiving

Helping decorate the tree

Thursday night at midnight Darin and I went to the mall to do some early Black Friday shopping.  Darin does this every year usually to all of the crazy busy places at 3AM but this was my first time.  Crowds are not my thing and I am not always a fast shopper so Darin says I would just be in his way. Well this year I decided I could handle the midnight thing because we would be done and in bed by the time the crazy people get there.  Plus 50% off of everything in the store at Gap and Baby Gap is too good to miss out on.  Thanks to Stu and Cat for spending the night so we could go!  Long story short we survived and even went to a few other stores at the mall that were open too.  It was actually pretty fun and unbelievable how much money we were able to save!  I was home and in bed by 3.  (Darin actually went back out so he could go to a few of the stores that open at 3).  Glad I missed that :)

*Sorry no pictures because I was too busy shopping fast!

Saturday we took the kids to see Santa.  We were a little nervous because last year we took them and the second we got up to the front Ryan fell apart and started screaming and crying while climbing up my leg.  So just Drew who was a couple weeks old got his picture taken with Santa by himself.  Ryan had told us a hundred times when she was 3 that she would like Santa so we tried again.  It went great!  She sat on his lap and even told Santa that she wanted some harder puzzles because hers were too easy and that Drew wanted some cars because he loves them.  Drew didn't seem to mind him at all either so it was a successful Santa picture year!

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