Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Drew!

Happy 1st birthday Drew! 


Drew didn't feel good all weekend.  He was sick for his 1year/family pics, his bday party and on his actual bday.  He got on antibiotics yesterday so hopefully he will be feeling better soon.   Luckily it didn't slow him down at eating his turkey cake at all!  He had a good time and has loved playing with all of his boy toys that he got.  He is happy to not have to always play with Barbies, baby dolls and kitchen stuff.  The house is now filled with cars, trucks,balls and planes.  Here are some pictures from his party...

Ryan opening Drew's presents.  He thought the bows were pretty cool.

Checking out the cool boy toys
About to dig in!

Looking over to make sure this is okay to be doing

Way too much sugar!

Not sure we thought about the color he would be when we chose the cake.
He went straight to the bath!

Playing on his new car

 We love you sweet little man!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Drew-man! Can't believe he is already 1!! Cute pics!