Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of summer

Well the end of summer is here and I hope the 105 degree temps are done too.  We had a great time this summer playing at the park, zoo, bouncin craze and lots of swimming.
Toy Story pool in the backyard

Heading to the pool

Swinging at the park
Drewman swimming
Ryan and her friend Noah at the zoo

 Now we are ready to move on to fall.  Ryan starts Childrens Day Out (CDO) on Tuesday at our church and she couldn't be happier.  She went to see her classroom and meet her teachers Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Brandi this morning.  She was so excited to go and told me "its fine mom you can just leave me here and I can just play with my new teachers today."  She had a hard time understanding that we were only supposed to stay for a little bit today.  When we left she hugged both teachers and told them "don't worry I will come back soon and I will play all day with you."

* Can someone teach me how to add pictures from my phone onto my blog?  It says you can but I can't figure out how.  Also I have no idea why the pictures are different sizes?  I will get better at this!


  1. I have no idea how to do the phone to blog picture thing either! We really need to learn this!

  2. Ummm Ryan told me she would call me later last time I saw her and I still haven't heard from her! She is just so funny. Love it!

  3. Cute blog Ty! Penny has one too (sad I know) so if I can figure out how to follow yours I will. Hers is Don't make fun!

  4. So glad you started a blog! I'm a slight bit addicted to reading them! Your kids are SO adorable!!!