Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ready for Christmas

The kids are so excited and ready for Christmas this year! They have had all sorts of countdowns and advent calendars and let me know numerous times a day how many days are left until Christmas.  Here are some pictures from my phone from the last couple of weeks....

 They are obsessed with hot chocolate with LOTS of marshmellows

 Sitting on Santa's lap at the mall

 They both loved him!

 Decorating their doors

 We had lunch with my friend Teresa and the kids got to do crafts that she was doing with her class.  They had a blast!!

We LOVE Teresa!

 Maddie and I had some extra help this year with our annual cinnamon roll making

 We skipped the gym one day and did crafts all morning

 And decorated cookies

 Helping make treats for his class party

Thank you Pinterest :)

 Drew with his buddies Sutton and Peyton

Drew with his "gulfriend Peyton"

 Sweet boy at his party

Opening his book from his teachers

 Ryan at her party with friends Zion and Olivia
Ryan and Daniel
He has quite the crush on her and asked me to take their picture :)

 Drew loving his second party of the day

Sweet reindeer

 The kids went to hang out at Devon with Poppy and C

 They had so much fun seeing all of the decorations

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