Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Iphone pics

Our week in IPhone pics...

 Ryan at her dentist appt with Addy

 Drew hanging out at the dentist

 Watching a movie

 Ryan singing a little Justin Bieber

 Bath time

 I got this look at Eileen's and of course he came home with this huge sprinkle cookie

 The boys

 This sweet face comes in at 7 every morning to "cuggle" before sissy gets up

 We went to visit Ryan's friend Mary Caroline who had to be in the hospital for a few days after her cut got Staph... They were SO happy to see each other!
 2 very animated 4 year olds :)


 At the Zoo with Stella and Tess

 Hanging out in the baby stroller

 Ryan got new soccer cleats this year and they immediately had to come home and go play soccer.  (Drew is wearing last years pink and white ones because he thinks he plays too) This year she chose the brightest pink ones in the whole store...shocking.

Trying them out.

 Ryan had a movie date with Darin to see Beauty and the Beast...She LOVED the movie and LOVED getting all of daddy's attention!

 My new running partner while I train for a Tough Mudder at the end on March.  He was actually quite the motivator-when I stopped to get a drink he immediately yelled "Keep running mommy!"

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