Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving program

This week Ryan had a little Thanksgiving program at her school followed by a feast prepared by the kids. Ryan, being the perfectionist that she is, had been practicing singing the songs and telling us all about the cooking for weeks.  She was so excited that both Darin and  I were coming to watch her. But she ended up getting a little stage fright! She acted pretty shy and sang the songs quietly.  She still had fun and afterwards said "I was just kinda nervous because there were lots of people watching."

 The whole group...I was impressed that they got that many 3,
4 and 5 year old to stand still for all of the songs!

Walking to the Tasting Feast with Noah

Ryan with her place-mat she made

 With her friend Cooper

 Mary Caroline, Ryan and Olivia

Ry and MC

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